Who is Roger Purcell and does Houston really want him?

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Houston Holler

Houston Citizen
Interesting reading on how much Houston's spending has increased with Purcell at the helm among other things.

Purcell Resigns as Mayor the Day Before Recall
He will still be on the council until October
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Purcell has filed for bankruptcy again
and has named the City of Houston as a creditor

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"Valley driver cries foul when pulled over by mayor of Houston"
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What kind of man is this?
Saint or Scam Artist
Read the documentation listed throughout this site and decide for yourself
To get you started on Purcell's destructive trail,
click here to see what the Seldovia Chief of Police has to say about Purcell.

"Roger Purcell should not be in any office that even comes close to giving him any administrative or decision making power. He abuses any authority given him and when it catches up with him he moves on to another location where, it seems, he continues his abuse." (Quote from letter received from former employer)

Here is a list of known cities where Purcell has caused problems
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Houston Anchorage
Skagway Seldovia
Galena Hoonah
Haines Unalaska
Sitka Ft. Yukon

Click here for public documents that show Purcell's character.

These documents include Current Bankruptcy, Tax Liens, Businessman of the year award that was purchased by Purcell for $600

There is a great audio recording of a solicitation for the businessman of the year award..

Purcell claimed at a Susitna Rotary meeting as well as in his application for a City Council seat to have been selected as 2006 Small Businessman of the Year.

Truth : Turns out the Republican National Committee offers these awards to anyone who makes a donation. He didn't have dinner with the President.
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Purcell Claims to own Choice Mortgage and is giving out cruises as if he were a generous man.

Truth: Former city manager from Hoonah actually owned Choice Mortgage before it changed hands and Roger never owned any interest in the company. Cruises provided by company.
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Purcell claims to support troops and respect for flag.

Truth: US Flag in Purcell's yard fell to the ground and remained there all winter. As his flag lay on the ground under the snow, he brings a resolution before the city council to approve supporting a bill that is about respect for the US Flag.

Purcell claims to be financially solvent.

Truth: Purcell has mortgages on his home from a pawn shop, years old bankruptcy reopened and is currently active because the trustee found potential assets that were not claimed, and if you can believe it, he lists his own father as a $10,000 unsecured creditor!!
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What kind of man is this? You decide

The purpose of this website is to discover the truth about Houston, Alaska's Roger Purcell. We will use documented evidence ONLY. No rumors or innuendo allowed. The information we have discovered will be presented here. Documentation is posted in the locations link by city with additional information in the misc. link.

This is a work in progress by many concerned citizens. Please bear with us as there is a significant amount of documentation to organize. We will first just post it and try to make sense of it as we can. This is our first website and we are learning as we go.

This is also a plea for help. Please help Houston discover the truth about Roger Purcell. Our future depends on it.

Please send any information you have to: blog@houstonrecall.com
We will respect and defend any wish to remain anonymous.