2010 Recall Status


Purcell Resigns as Mayor the Night Before the Election

He will remain on the council and it has apparently been decided by 5 of the council members who will replace him as mayor. This is again an open meetings act violation.



The Recall petition was turned into the city clerk with 143 signatures( only 73 were needed). After reading the news articles, it appears the Purcell intends to go to the court to determine the validity of the petition.

ADN story
Frontiersman story

Townhall Meeting at Homesteaders Community Center
Recall supporters came out in droves to sign the recall petition.
We don't have the latest count but by 8:00 there were 85 signatures

The recall application has been accepted.

The application for a petition to recall Mayor Roger Purcell was accepted on Monday March 15th. The clerk, Steve Cunningham, consulted two lawyers to be sure it filled the requirements. So far, four people have picked up the petitions and begun gathering signatures, Kathleen Barney, the sponsor to this recall petition,  Julia Normand, Glen Tilghman, and Deb Spaulding. By the time you read this, others may have gotten petitions from City Hall. If you know Houston registered voters who would like to sign, pick up a petition and help gather  signatures. Only people with official petitions may  gather signatures.


1) The person circulating the petition must witness each person as they sign the petition. (The petition cannot be left anywhere for random signing.) 
2) Everything on the petition must be legible, right down to the address.
3) Seventy-three(73) registered Houston voters are needed.
4) One hundred (100) signatures is the goal. 
5)  April 8 is the deadline for the collection of signatures, but the sooner we have it ready, the better.

Click here to read application