Roger Purcell's Past Locations

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It would appear that Mr. Purcell does not stay in any one location very long. We will try to expand on this page with information why he moves so often. These dates are not exact but fairly close.

In an effort to organize the massive amount of information coming in, we will try to post it according to location and date. Click on the location to see what is posted.

This site will be updated frequently so check back often and don't forget to send any additional information you may have.

Houston 2006 - Current
Skagway 1992-1994
Seldovia 1990-1992
Galena 1990
Hoonah 1987-1990
Haines 1987
Unalaska 1983-1986
Sitka 1985
Ft. Yukon 1982-1983