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1987 - 1989

Nita Mills - Hoonah
Nita Mills was a Council member in Hoonah.  Purcell constantly vindictive and battering of Mills - He wanted 5 vehicles for the PD and stated to Mills they could only get fleet rate by purchasing 5 vehicles.  Mills found that to be untrue and this caused conflict between her and Purcell.  Purcell flagged her vehicle and directed his subordinates to stop and cite her when observed.  Purcell threatened lawsuit if the City of Hoonah did not have his file purged and back wages paid. 
Liv Gray - Hoonah

When Purcell left he demanded file purged and back wages or threatened to sue the City.  City took easy way out and complied.  Purcell was employed less than 1 year.  Hoonah Chief of Police inexperienced and Purcell took over.  He flagged Council Members and ordered harassment by Officers.  Purcell had problems relating to the public.  He harassed instead of protected and served.  He threatened fellow employees.  Month prior to Purcell leaving very stressful.  30+ complaints from citizens for harassment resulted in Purcell being suspended for 2 weeks.  Purcell was treasurer for the ambulance committee but no reports were ever given.  He did purchase two plaques for himself, one from Hoonah PD and one from Hoonah EMS.


Linda Hersy - Hoonah Dispatcher
September 1987 Purcell was Lt. in Hoonah PD.  Linda Hersy replaced Kathy Bolton as a dispatcher.  Mary Katof was and Administrative Assistant and Purcell tried to use one against the other.  Purcell caused Hersy trouble from her very first day.  He started trouble with Trooper Luse of the Alaska State Troopers and bragged he would get Tpr. Luse through his Lt. position.  He accused the Tpr. of making a pass at Purcell's wife.  Tpr. Luse reassigned to Ketchikan.  Purcell had plotted to get rid of Kathy Bolton and he was successful.  He then bragged he would get rid of her husband, who was a Police Officer under him.  Purcell denied leave for Grand Jury service to Bolton and when this occurred Bolton became angry and slammed the door on his way out.  Purcell yelled insubordination and this resulted in Bolton leaving the Department.  Purcell would backstab those he worked with and was continually causing problems.  In January Purcell told Hersy that Mary, the other dispatcher, was a problem and he was going to get rid of her.  Purcell then told Mary that Hersy was out to get her job.  Hersy applied for the City Clerk's position hoping to get out of the turmoil.  The Sgt. of the Police Department told Hersy to talk to the other dispatchers, since she had a good report with them, and compile a list of complaints regarding Purcell.  After the list was compiled Hersy left it for the other dispatchers to read prior to turning it in and Purcell got hold of it.  He said by doing this Hersy jumped the Chain of Command, was a troublemaker and said her performance was bad.  Due to this harassment by Purcell, Hersy quit that day.  On one occasion Purcell ordered a background check done on Hersy and told the dispatcher doing the check not to write it down in the log but the dispatcher did log it in.  Purcell violated State Laws by doing this and was tape recorded lying about other items.  Hersy took the complaints to the City Council as a citizen. As a result of this Purcell and his Chief of Police took sick leave and both traveled to Juneau where they contacted lawyers.  The investigation by the Council resulted in the City Manager being terminated, the Chief of Police placed on 6 months probation and Purcell being busted back to Patrolman and he was banned from making any administrative decisions.  Purcell then quit the Police Department and took a position at the Harbor.  Purcell was known as a "Mr. Know it All", a "Little Napoleon" and he was very aggressive and, due to this, the Chief of Police feared him.  Everyone was angry with and disliked Purcell and when he was the subject matter at the Council Meeting there was standing room only.  Purcell used undue force, was dishonest and would lord it over on people.  He was always pumping for information about what other employees were saying or doing.  He ordered 2 plaques for himself, one from Hoonah Police and one from the Hoonah Fire/EMS Department to boost his insatiable ego.  He was unprofessional in his dealings, both with his co-workers and the public.  He misused his authority and was very power hungry.  He should never be given any authority and should never be allowed to wear a gun.  Hersy feels Purcell has to be stopped from going to smaller Departments where he continues to intimidate and harass people.  Hersy stated the Officer could feel free to use her name regarding any statements she has made regarding Purcell.
Don & Kathy Bolton - (Lost jobs due to Purcell)
D.W Bolton sent me a lengthy packet outlining what occurred between himself and Roger Purcell when he was working under Purcell.  I'm sure he will share it with you.  If need be I can fax the packet to you.  If this is necessary please send me a good fax number.

There is so much documentation for this page that we have just tried to list the documents in chronological order to start and will work on organizing it over time. Feel free to look at the documents and draw your own conclusions while this page is under construction.

Threatens lawsuit if his file was not purged








1-19-88 Mr. Bolton's statement regarding Mr. Purcell's statement during a meeting held December 21, 1987 to pull over Nita Mills and throw her on the ground.

The attack against Mr. Bolton begins 1 hour after the December 21 meeting.

12-21-1987 - Letter from Purcell Suspending Bolton for not picking up dogs

12-25-1987 - Notice of personnel Action showing suspension

12-28-1987 - Denied request for leave

Document titled "Internal Investigation Warning

1-28-1988 - Letter from Purcell suspending Bolton again

1-29-1988 - Another letter from Purcell suspending Bolton

1-29-1988 - Yet another letter from Purcell

1-31-1988 - Letter from Purcell to Chief Mayeda (cc to city manager Tavoliero) recommending Bolton's discharge

Another Letter from Purcell with no date

2-1-1988 - Notice of Personnel Action terminating Bolton

3-24-1988 - Department of Labor - Employer's Statement of Discharge and Chief's response

4-6-1988 - Letter denying unemployment for Bolton

Letter of Grievance to Hoonah City Council from Bolton

By May 1, 1989 Chief Mayeda, City manager Mike Tavoliero, and Roger Purcell are no longer employed by City of Hoonah.

5-1-1989 - Letter to the new city manager stating they were not going to decertify Bolton as recommended by former Chief Mayeda

1-20-88 - Mr. Luse's statement regarding Mr. Purcell's statement during a meeting held December 21, 1987 to pull over Nita Mills and throw her on the ground.







Luse Letters of Recommendation

City manager of Hoonah Fired (owner of Choice Mortgage) Find docs