Roger Purcell's in Skagway

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Jerry Gentile - Skagway - Fire Marshal 1 - Fire Dept.
Purcell worked with the Fire Dept. in Skagway.  He had his own mind and he talked too much.  He had problems with a Physician Assistant and the Captain of the EMS squad.  He has a very dominant personality and he created problems between the Clinic and the EMS squad.  He attempted to change the policy or the  Department.  He has a need to change everything.  Instead of waiting for the groups sponsoring physician he got his own physician to sign off on his EMT II status.  He was very upset when he returned and was not allowed to practice under his EMT II status.  He was not satisfied with anything and attempted to change things to what he felt would be better.  Purcell threatened lawsuit when he left and the people were convinced he would sue.  He was not missed when he left Skagway.
Carl Muhvihill - Skagway - Fire Chief
Purcell under Carl Muhvihill in the EMS division as an EMT.  He came on too strong and had personality clashes with other EMT's.  He would not take direction in the 1 and 1/2 years he was with the squad.  He took it on himself to go to EMT II training on his own and this created a problem with other EMT personnel in that they were a unit and planned to progress together.  Purcell is insecure and covers it with aggressive behavior and by attempting to dominate others.  He makes bad decisions and is not a team player.  He modified his behavior somewhat after being warned.  He left the squad to go to Seldovia as a Patrol Officer.




Mr. Purcell is currently in bankruptcy.



Case Reopened