Roger Purcell's in Unalaska

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Pete Davis - (Chief over Purcell in Unalaska)

Purcell was a patrolman under Pete Davis in Unalaska. He applied as a Dog Handler but he was not good at handling the animal and the dog was not a good Police dog. Purcell has a Napoleon complex and is very strong willed and forceful. He bullied older people in local bars. He caused a lot of problems when doing bar checks. He is not diplomatic with a very abusive personality. His dog bit a person and this caused a lot of problems. He came to Unalaska from Fort Yukon. He was with Unalaska for 18 months to 2 years. He was given the opportunity to resign or be terminated. He chose to resign. He had a very bad approach to the public and was too aggressive.

Joe Masters - 1(Unalaska PD, Worked with Purcell)
Joe Masters and Purcell hired at the same time in Unalaska PD. Purcell patrolled with his dog in the vehicle and was overly aggressive and had a very abrasive personality. He didn't get along well with community members and they came to hate Purcell. He made a lot of bar checks and created a lot of problems. He used his nightstick on 2 people, which was ruled as justified, but he hit one person in the mouth, which was not justified. He wore skin tight black leather gloves knowing it angered people. He was called "Little Napoleon" by community members. Purcell very much the braggart and Joe did not remember if he was fired or resigned when he left the PD.