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Mr. Purcell is currently in bankruptcy.



Case Reopened

Tax liens filed after bankruptcy

State and Federal Tax Liens filed against Purcell

Businessman of the Year

Sounds like a prestigeous award. The truth is that anyone can recieve this award if they donate to the NRCC. They also have a physician of the year, honorary chairman, National Leadership Award, and more...

Mr. Purcell included this award in a booklet presented to the Houston City Council with an application to fill a vacant seat. Click here to see documentation and certificate

It only cost Mr. Purcell $600 to recieve his award

From city-data website Click here to go to site

Here are some links about the NRCC scam.

This is a great example there is actually a recording of a solicitation from NRCC (after listening to the recording you will see that Mr. Purcell chose the 2 payment plan)

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Indicted NY Biz Man Republican Player? Or Sucker?

Interesting take

The Free American Legion
Although this is a fictitious story, the author obviously was not impressed with Purcell. Pay particular attention the the section titled Free American Legion Espionage